Simple ways to Raise Money for the Fairland ES:

  • Join the PTA Your money is a 100% donation for the Fairland, Montgomery County and National PTA

  • Connect your grocery card to Fairland ES at Harris Teeter or Shop-Rite

  • Whenever you shop at Amazon, be sure to connect Fairland PTA as a charity

  • When you purchase from Certifikid, connect Fairland PTA and we receive $5 from your purchase

  • Scan your receipts on the Box tops app to get money for our school.

  • Connect to the Fairland PTA on Shutterfly

We pour every available dollar back to Fairland

With your membership, donation or fundraising efforts, the PTA is able to support the students of Fairland ES. We pay toward grade level field trips. We can bring cultural arts assemblies to the school. We also hope to pay toward students' unpaid lunch accounts so every child has a meal, regardless of family income.

Scholastic Book Fair

With every purchase, the school receives money back for future purchases of books and school materials.

Easy Money for our school!

By linking your account to Fairland Elementary, the school receives money!

Link your accounts from Amazon Smile, Harris Teeter, Certifikid and more!

Box Tops for Education at Fairland ES