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Joining the PTA is an important way to be a partner with the other parents and teachers that make up Fairland's PTA. By Joining the Fairland PTA, you are also joining the Montgomery County PTA and the Maryland State PTA. Together, we advocate for many students, from Pre-K-12. We are a strong parent voice together.

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Falcon Nest

All of the funds from our Fairland PTA go to the students, teachers, and families at Fairland Elementary. We are calling all of our funds, our "Falcon's Nest." This year, these funds will largely support materials for students and teachers. Our goals are to make elementary school fun and memorable for students, while providing students a challenging learning environment. Your contributions to this fund will help us do that.

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What did the Falcon Nest pay for last year?

  • We purchased a gift for every member of our building services team

  • We brought a school-wide cultural art Assembly "Kankouran West African Dance"

  • We had a Thanksgiving Lunch to thank the teachers

  • We used $500 toward food for our own Fairland Families struggling with Economic Loss during March-June

  • We had our annual Fairchella Festival with food and fun for all